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Tiling professionals are increasingly requested to work with large format tiles and porcelain slabs.

These products are indeed becoming more and more popular and though their sizes can vary, we’re still talking of 1 meter by 3 meters slabs or even more.

The slabs normally require different processes such as cutting, bevelling, drilling, etc. to realize these operations in complete safety and ergonomics way, Brevetti Montolit has created Table-one a modular support table in aluminum / steel structure that can be modeled in order to provide full support for the tiles in all configurations up to maximum size of 240 x 150 cm.

The cross bars, with anti-scratch rubber inside, can be easily moved sideways and / or slide back and forth as needed, also the height of the worktop is adjustable in three positions to adapt to the height of the installer and the operations needs.

Table-one being completely disassembled,it proves to be extremely easy to move and transport.

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