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Pallet Crane Fork


Aardwolf Pallet Crane Fork offers a flexible lifting solution for loading, unloading, handling and transporting heavy materials within production environments. The Aardwolf Pallet Crane Fork is a crane attachment engineered to optimise efficiency for overhead lifting for material handling systems. The Pallet Crane Fork is especially helpful maximising efficiency in production environments with narrow aisles or for areas which may be inaccessible to forklifts. It becomes a multitalented lifter for the handling of palletized and packaged goods with a capacity up to 2500kg.

Pallet Crane Fork


  • High strength welded steel construction for maximum strength and durability.
  • Moves palleted items efficiently and safely in varying production environments.
  • Can be utilised with a crane to address lifting needs.


Capacity: 2500kg
Package Dimensions: L1220 x W1190 x H1930mm
Weight: 258kg




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