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Mono Mechanical Vacuum Lifter 150


No power source required. Ideal for the horizontal handling of non-porous sheet and plate material such as, diamond sawn or polished granite, polished engineered stone, all types of metals, plastics and fibreglass. An automatic self-cycling valve located in the bottom of the piston controls the vacuum grip and release cycle.

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Mono Mechanical Vacuum Lifter 145 with Handle

Optional: A handle (sold separately) can be attached and used by two persons for easy transportation.


  • Self-powered and self-cycling
  • Audio alarm system powered by a non-rechargeable 9V battery
  • Immediately ready for operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Aluminium construction
  • Light weight


Suction pad dimension: 250mm diamater (seal to seal 200mm)
Number of Pads: 1
Lifting Capacity: 150kg
Weight: 11kg




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