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Flexible, 2-components brushable sealing slurry for complete and permanent waterproofing of concrete, brickwork, plaster and generally mineral construction materials.

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Aquasil Flex has the ability to bridge surface cracks and is ideal for waterproofing substrates that show or are expected to show haircracks due to thermal contractions-expansions or vibrations like surfaces to be covered with tiles on balconies, terraces, pools and bathrooms, inverted insulation roofs, walls and floors of basements, tanks, tunnels, foundations, canals, etc. Aquasil Flex guarantees complete waterproofing under positive or negative hydrostatic pressure and the surface stays vapor permeable. Suitable for contact with drinking water. Aquasil Flex consists of two components, these are provided in ready to mix packs prior to their implementation. The mixture can be applied with brush easily and economically.
Form: Dry cement-based powder (A), acrylic emulsion (B)
Maximum application thickness (2 coats): ≤5 mm
Minimum application thickness (2 coats): ≥2 mm

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