Polishing Tools


Jedar Stone Solutions was established in Australia in 2020 after 25 years experience in being a pioneer in the supply of tools and equipment for the marble and stone industry, accumulated through an affiliated company called Al Jedar in the Gulf.

Jedar has built a solid reputation in terms of quality, reliability, and dependability. The key to our success is our commitment to achieve customer satisfaction when it comes to the quality of our products and the efficiency in our services.

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At Jedar Stone Solutions, we are known to provide the best stone polishing tools in all over Melbourne with a variety of polishing tools like diamond polishing pads that are well-suited for all kind of polishing jobs, we help you effectively service all and every kind of stones out there with the right tools. With years of experience dealing in diamond tools and polishing tools, it’s no surprise that our clients repeatedly come to us for various projects and allow us to add them in our loyal base of customers. With our polishing pads, you can easily glide through polishing different surfaces without any complexity. Our product range comes with a trademark allowing professionals to be assured of the quality and precision of their tools.

We have a vast range of Stone Polishing Tools that includes Wet Polishing Pads as well as Dry Polishing pads. The polishing tools are so accurate in their functionality that all kinds of surfaces are properly and efficiently polished. The range of our products offers a great level of diversity to professionals, allowing you to customize it as per your unique needs. Our products are recommended by professionals across so many sectors and industries. Our customers have their full faith in our products and services after having made multiple purchases. You can order online from our store or simply call to avail the much-awaited discounts on various tools and machinery. Since stone polishing is such a complex process, it needs to be done correctly with the accurate tools to bring in the right effect to the stone being polished. What also needs to be remembered is that every stone works differently with its polish and to retain its finish, polishing needs to be done just in the right amount. You can definitely decide better whether your stone is better suited for wet polishing pads or dry polishing pads but more than the selection, one needs to remember that the polishing tools are the main component of getting the job done effectively and quickly.