Grinding Tools

Grinding Tools

Jedar Stone Solutions was established in Australia in 2020 after 25 years experience in being a pioneer in the supply of tools and equipment for the marble and stone industry, accumulated through an affiliated company called Al Jedar in the Gulf.

Jedar has built a solid reputation in terms of quality, reliability, and dependability. The key to our success is our commitment to achieve customer satisfaction when it comes to the quality of our products and the efficiency in our services.

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Grinding discs on our catalogue are designed and crafted for heavy-duty applicationsthat include industrial purposes, yielding the most effective outputs for everything you put them to. Our catalogue has a great variety of concrete grinding wheel, granite cutting blade, granite grinding wheel, concrete grinding disc and diamond cup grinding wheel. You can select the essential tools as per your own unique applications and bring more refinement to your work. Our grinding discs and wheels have been certified by the best Australian standards making sure that you not only get the best of tools but also have them built as per optimum industry standards. You can explore our variety of concrete grinding wheel, granite grinding wheel as well as the diamond cup grinding wheels, all of which have been carefully and diligently crafted to give every professional and craftmanship the power of precision. In terms of performance, there is nothing better that you can get for your delivering excellence through your work. Our premium quality concrete and granite blades were created for wet as well as dry cutting, which is why they are highly resilientand reliable and can be easily operated with less water supply that is the case on-site many times. Our discs are very smooth and efficient when it comes to accomplishing all kinds of tasks. We ensure all safety standards and quality checks are maintained as you browse through our variety of concrete grinding wheels, granite cutting blades, granite grinding wheels, concrete grinding discs and diamond cup grinding wheels.

We make sure to regularly update our product range to incorporate all the latest tools and machinery in our catalogue. This helps experts or people looking for tools to know what they needand can purchase in a single glance. With a great variety and high-quality, you are sure to find all the solutions to your requirements under the same roof. Jedar Stone Solutionsis known for offering quality within the best prices that are market competitive and pocket friendly. You can explore our product range for concrete and granite grinding wheels, granite and concrete cutting blades, concrete grinding discs as well as diamond cup grinding wheels online also. Grinding with cutting discs seems like an easy task but is actually not. It takes a great amount of precision and some experience to be able to cut through accurately and not have much damage caused to the workpiece and material you’re working on. Our diamond cup grinding wheel, concrete grinding wheel, as well as granite grinding wheel, offer the performance you’re looking for without creating any excess amount of heat and dust. Even the granite cutting blades and concrete grinding discs are highly power-efficient apart from having all the above features and all the tools help you save up on your electricity bills. This helps reduce your per piece cost of manufacturing and craftsmanship.All our tools are of the highest grade possible and working with them for different applications would be super easy with quick completion of tasks.